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Kopi = Coffee    Jahe = Ginger

Kopi = Coffee

Jahe = Ginger

Coffee & Ginger

If you love Ginger and have never tried Coffee with Ginger - your taste buds are about to rejoice.

Kopi Jahe, Indonesian Iced Coffee, Jahe Latte, Ginger Americanno

Ginger is an essential element at Kopi.

Our Coffee with Ginger preparations are delicious new experiences for the adventurous coffee enthusiast.

The ginger root is enjoyed with coffee in various forms throughout Indonesia. In Java, black coffee is often poured straight onto a freshly smashed piece of ginger. Farther East in Flores, Kopi Jahe is served with large amounts of Gula Jawa, a thick palm sugar used in Indonesian cuisine. In the Muluku Islands, Spicy Kopi Jahe is served as a health tonic with various local spices such as nutmeg, cloves and chilis.



c o f f e e

Fire + Sugar

Fire + Sugar

Kedai Susu

First time? Try our Best Selling Latte

Espresso Latte flavored with our House Kaffir- Lemongrass Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk

Brûlée Latte

A perfectly sweet indulgence After Screen Door.

Outside the hustle and bustle of Kota Tua (Old Town) Jakarta, you’ll find kopi roasters and creators working hard to make their blends and recipes stand above in the competitive new world of Javanese Specialty Coffee.

The Brûlée Latte is the essential creation baristas across the archipelago are challenged to perfect daily.

With our Brûlée Latte, we provide a perfectly sweet pick me up by torching unrefined Gula Jawa (Indonesian Coconut Sugar) atop a luscious Caramel & Cardamom Latte.

Finished with a swirls of Ghiradelli caramel and sprinkled with Himalayan Sea Salt.

Phin Filter Coffee

The Phin filter is the heart of Vietnamese Coffee. At Kopi, we serve both Vegan and traditional versions of (Arabica) Phin Coffee.

The story and true origins of this tiny stainless steel coffee magician remain unknown. Surprisingly Cambodia is thought to have originated the Phin in the 1800’s. But, it wasn’t until the Great War when French Vietnamese colonialists brought the Phin to the trenches of the Western front so they mayof the French soldiers filter are unsubstantiated, the Phin filter is associated