Gold Thai (Natural Process)


Gold Thai (Natural Process)

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Region: Doi Pangkong, Northern Thailand Golden Triangle

Type: Single Origin Organic Arabika

Proccess: Sun dried Natural proccess.  

Altitude: 1,250 - 1,500 feet above sea level

Tasting Notes: Pinot Noir, Honey, Cranberry Juice

Suggested Prepartion: Hand Drip, French Press

Our Gold Thai roast highlights the burgeoning coffee of the Doi Pangkong Ahka hill communities. A sweet, floral naturally processed coffee with hints of Red Wine and Honey that continuously excite the pallet.The Natural process helps maintain many of the characteristics of the stunning jungles it is grown in.

For 100 years, the beauty of the Golden Triangle was primarily associated with the production and trafficking of Opium. But with the intervention of King Bhumibol and the Thai government, those opium farms have been transformed into usable, tradable crops such as high quality coffee. Not only does this roast make a truly delicious cup of coffee, it also helps write the next inspirational chapter in the story of Northern Thailand.