Ancient Sumatra

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Ancient Sumatra

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Ancient Sumatra


Region: Aceh, Bengkulu, Lake Toba, Mandheling, 

Type: Single Origin Arabika

Proccess: Giling Basah

Altitude: Varies

Tasting Notes: Earthy, Funky flavors coupled with Plum and Cherry.

Suggested Prepartion: French Press, Hand Drip


Sumatra is home to some of the oldest jungles on earth. It has been a

producer of coffee since the Dutch brought the crop to Indonesia in the 1600’s.

The Coffee farmers in Sumatra are some of the most experienced and talented in the

world. The unique Indonesian wet hull process known as “Giling Basah” helps

keep the characteristics of the Sumatran Jungles.

The tastes derived are therefore very earthy, funky and challenging to the pallet.

Because of this, third wave coffee roasters have largely steered clear of Sumatran coffees.


Our Ancient Sumatra is a rotating bean from throughout the island. We search

out to find full flavored, complex beans grown in small family farms. Always an

interesting ride, the Ancient Sumatra will challenge your taste buds and open

your mind to the wild world of South East Asian coffee.