Our New Gold Thai Coffee Available Now

Introducing our Gold Thai medium roast. A sweet, floral naturally processed coffee, great for Hand Drips and French Presses with hints of Red Wine and Honey that continuously excite the pallet. The Natural process helps maintain many of the characteristics of the stunning area it is grown in.

The area, known as The Golden Triangle, has long been associated with opium production and distribution which has begun to produce some of the most exciting new coffee in South East Asia.

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to hike around the coffee farms of Northern Thailand. Over several days, I enjoyed a dozen or so amazing cups of coffee, shots of espresso and an incredible preparation coffee jello made with agar agar and served with whipped coconut cream called “Thach Ka-Fae."
The elevation is perfect for high quality coffee growing. The farmers, mostly young men and women, were excited to share with me the different methods they employ at their farms. Years after the beloved King Bhumibol (who past late last year) instituted a transformation of the hillside opium farms to instead produce high quality Arabica coffees - Thai coffee is finally ready to hit the international market.



Kopi Kedai is proud to be working with Beanspire, a fantastic collective of coffee experts who are helping the Ahka farmers of the Chang Rai hillsides produce this fantastic coffee.

From Beanspire: “Doi Pangkhon, in Chiang Rai, has 300 households, each typically producing about 1-2 tons of parchment, but this year yield is down. Some farms are as low as 50% of last year's harvest. We are working with about 20 families from Doi Pangkhon now. Essentially, these are micro lots grouped together. All of the villagers belong to Akha Hilltribe and they are very young for coffee farmers, 25-35 years old, mostly. It is a coffee growing industry that's actually working, relative to other origins.”

Scenic view above cloud at Doi Pangkhon.jpg