Bali Blue (Organic, Natural Process, RFA Certified)

Bali Blue (Organic, Natural Process, RFA Certified)

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Region: Kintamani Highlands, Island of Bali, Indonesia.

Type: Single Origin, Arabika

Proccess: Sun dried natural process.

Altitude: 1,450 - 1,600 above sea level

Tasting Notes: Strawberry Juice,  Lychee, Citrus

Suggetsed Preparation: Ceramic Hand Drip  

This legendary, organic coffee from the Kintamani Highlands of Bali has a famous sweetness unique among Indonesian Coffees. The magic begins when the coffee is biodynamically planted along side orange and tangerine mangroves, imbuing the beans with a refreshing tang. As the coffee cools, notes of Strawberry swim in the palet that continues to bloom throughout the cup.

Like many of the islands in the Indonesian Archipeligo, farming and culture are unique to Bali. The cuisine in Bali is detailed, labor intesnsive, spicy and full of flavor. The farmers of Bali take the same approach to their coffee growing technique. These techniques can be felt as you drink the exciting taste, leaving with you with a smile.