Mekong Mood Organic Farm Direct

Mekong Mood Organic Farm Direct

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Mekong Mood

Region: Southwest Highlands, Vietnam

Type: Farm Direct Organic Arabika

Proccess: Washed, double fermented

Altitude: 1,550 feet above sea level

Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Toffee, Walnut

Suggested Preparations: Phin, Hand Drip, French Press


The Mekong River and its tributaries are the heart of South East

Asian cuisine. Vietnam offers some of the greatest coffee experiecnes

in the world. Expertly prepared in unique ways throughout the country,

coffee in Vietnam is often an afternoon drink great for sparking stimulating

conversation after a day’s work.


A customer favorite, our organic Vietnamese coffee is Farm Direct, imported

directly  from the family farm that grows and processes the beans.


Mekong Mood is imbued with the bustling life of the Mekong River

providing a sweet and satisfying cup that will transport your palate

sip after sip.